Ski Trip in Mont-Tremblant: How to Plan and Pack

Mont-Tremblant is a bona fide winter haven for anyone that loves to hit the slopes, whether adventuring solo or planning a weekend getaway with friends or family. From the cobblestone streets in the picture-perfect pedestrian village to the plentiful powder of the Laurentian mountains, skiers looking for the ideal destination need look no further.

That said, you don’t want to get so excited for your Mont-Tremblant ski trip that you forget to properly plan your stay and pack the essentials. Follow our tips for a well-planned and well-packed ski trip so you can concentrate on the fun stuff once you arrive.

Planning a ski trip in Mont-Tremblant

Planning a ski trip to Mont-Tremblant might seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually a few things you should mull over carefully before you visit.


The first and arguably most important thing you need to plan is where you want to stay. Your choice of lodging will depend on a number of factors, namely:

  • How many people you bring with you
  • Proximity to shops and restaurants
  • Level of privacy desired
  • Ski-in ski-out access
  • Price range

If you are traveling as a group, a condo or cottage will probably be more up your alley. Condos tend to be closer to the pedestrian village and offer the convenience of a ski-in ski-out experience, while chalets will offer more privacy, which can be great for romantic weekenders and families.

Access and activities

Besides a place to stay, you will obviously need tickets or passes for the mountain if you are planning a ski trip. Mont-Tremblant offers a range of different packages depending on how frequently you plan on skiing, so be sure to do your research beforehand to find the best deal.

Finally, since the destination has so much to offer, you may want to do more than just ski on your trip to Mont-Tremblant. Have an idea what activities might interest you and where you can find them so you aren’t left wandering and asking for directions in between chair lift rides.

Packing for a Mont-Tremblant ski trip

Once you have your ski trip planned out, it will be time to pack. Here are the essentials you won’t want to overlook or forget at home.

Basic ski gear

If you’re an avid skier who buys a full season’s pass every year, you will likely have all the skis, boots, helmets and goggles you need at home. In that case, don’t forget to pack them! However, if you or anyone accompanying you is a more casual skier, you can rent the gear you need directly from the mountain.

Base layers

We can’t stress this enough: quality base layers are fundamental on a ski trip. Don’t skimp on the materials here. You want thermal layers that keep you warm and dry.

Mittens and socks

Also essential for staying warm on the mountain are a good pair of mittens and socks. We recommend something with organic wool fibers that can naturally wick away moisture to avoid discomfort. For an extra bit of warmth, you can also bring some pocket-sized hand warmers along with you.

Video camera

What’s a good ski trip without great memories? Many modern cameras like the GoPro are designed for active filming in any weather, so there’s really no excuse not to video document your trip if you own one. If not, don’t forget to snap some shots on your phone!


“Sunscreen in winter?! We’re not going to the beach!” said the person who later looked like a burnt tomato.

In winter, the sun reflects off the snow and can still damage your face if you are not well-protected. Pack a sunscreen with a high SPF and good moisturizing properties since the cold weather tends to dry out your skin as well.

Plan your ski trip with Tremblant Prestige

Now that you know the basics about planning and packing for a ski trip in Mont-Tremblant, you should be well on your way to a great adventure!

If you need some inspiration for accommodations, don’t hesitate to check out our selection of luxurious condos and chalets for rent in Mont-Tremblant and if you have any questions about planning a trip to Mont-Tremblant, you are more than welcome to contact us.