The Best Kids Activities in Mont-Tremblant

Staying in Mont-Tremblant is a golden opportunity to brighten up your holiday, not only for adults, but especially for children. After all, Mont-Tremblant is packed with fun and educational activities in a charming setting.

If you're wondering how to entertain your kids in the region, here are some exciting suggestions for activities.

Brind'O Aquaclub: the ultimate kids activity in Mont-Tremblant

Located at the heart of the resort, and within walking distance of beautiful rental properties in Mont-Tremblant, the Brind'O Aquaclub indoor aquatic centre is the perfect activity for kids.

With its 4 slides and 35 interactive water games, your children will have fun all day long, whatever the season. Although the centre is currently closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, be on the lookout for the reopening to organize a lively day of fun.

Ziptreck Ecotours: soar like a bird with your kids

For outdoor lovers, Ziptreck Ecotours is the destination that will drive your children wild with excitement. This zip line course offers 5 spectacular descents that will take them from the summit of Mont-Tremblant to the pedestrian village.

Then, as they hike along the trail, they can enjoy the charming environment of Mont-Tremblant and learn more about the region's flora and fauna. This activity, offered to children (7 years and over) and adults alike, allows you to discover Mont-Tremblant from a whole new perspective. So why not rent a chalet nearby to extend your stay?

Mission Laser: an exciting activity at the heart of the mountain

Among the many activities not to be missed in Mont-Tremblant, Mission Laser is definitely a must-see. This laser game is the perfect way to entertain your children right in the heart of the mountain. Your children will enjoy a unique experience where strategy and fun collide. This immersive adventure will lead them into a life-size video game world.

Skyline Luge Mont-Tremblant: guaranteed fun!

Last but not least among the activities for your children: luge! And make no mistake, we're not talking about luge on snow! Skyline Luge Mont-Tremblant offers you a three-wheel luge ride somewhere in between a toboggan and a go-kart. This exciting descent will entertain your children as if they were on a real racetrack. Rain or shine, this is a unique experience.

4 memorable kids activities in Mont-Tremblant

There you have it! The city of Mont-Tremblant and its resort is bursting with activities for everyone and especially for children who want to make unforgettable memories. So if you want to entertain your children with fun and original activities, add the city of Mont-Tremblant to your list of places to visit.

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