Where to stay at Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is a very popular destination and it’s easy to see why… ski, golf, nature, festivals, sports competitions, fine dining and much more.

So, you made the decision to bring your family and friends to experience Tremblant? Great idea! But where are you going to stay??

It might be easy for those lucky ones who have already visited Mont-Tremblant to choose where exactly they will stay, but for newbies, deciding on this can be a challenge.

There are many options… a hotel or a vacation rental? Directly in the action or a short walk away? A condo or a chalet?

In this article, I will explain all the options.

Mont-Tremblant Resort can be divided into 5 popular areas:

  • Pedestrian Village
  • Domaine du Géant
  • Domaine de la Forest
  • Domaine Nansen
  • Versant Soleil

If you have already started researching your next getaway to Mont-Tremblant, you likely realized that you have 2 options when it comes to where to stay. Hotels or vacation rentals.


Pros: On the pedestrian village – walk to everything

Cons: Smaller rooms, pricier per square footage – cannot always cook

Vacation rentals

Pros: Ski in, ski out – panoramic views – much bigger – home feel – full kitchen

Cons: Not always walking distance

More and more guests are discovering vacation rentals and once you try it out, it’s very difficult to go back to hotels.

Pedestrian village

I can’t imagine the mountain without the charming village at its base.

More than 30 restaurants and coffee shops, activities for all, shops, bars… no wonder why it’s been the #1 Resort in eastern North America for 19 years!

This option holds pretty much all of the hotels. Some big chains like Westin, Fairmont, Holiday Inn, etc. can be found here. However, not all of the hotels here are part of a chain. Tours des Voyageurs, Somme des Neiges, and Lodge de la Montagne are just a few of the independent hotels in the area.

There are not a lot of vacation rentals options in the village, but the two buildings that offer them are amazing.

Bondurant is a very exclusive and gated property that only offers 17 luxurious condos (about 10 are available to rent). It is right in the heart of the village. With a huge year-round hot tub, lake views, heated garage and more, it is set up to make any 5-star hotels very jealous.

Altitude is probably one of the favorite luxury properties of Mont-Tremblant. You immediately feel it when you take up your private elevator to your condo. Ski in, ski out; year-round hot tub; breathtaking views of the village, lake, and mountains.

It is where everyone wants to be!

So, the pedestrian village is best suited for those who like to be right in the middle of the action and very close to everything.

Domaine du Géant

A unique feature of this area is the panoramic views of the mountain and the slopes. It also has direct access to the four season multifunctional trail. Like the name says, Domaine du Géant is a long side golf le Géant.

Exclusively vacation rentals, this great option is a 10-15 minute walk to the pedestrian village. Don’t feel like walking? That’s okay; there is a free shuttle that will pick you up at your doorstep.

2 rentals options at domaine du Géant

  • Manoir
  • Tremblant les Eaux

They feature 1 to 4 bedroom condos, a communal pool, and a hot tub. Tremblant les Eaux also offers a sauna.

Here’s what a renovated Tremblant Les Eaux looks like:les Eaux.

Domaine De la Forest

SKI IN, SKI OUT!!! That’s right!

For all of you that want to put on their skis right at the door of your rental and not bother taking a car or a shuttle to go ski or hike, then this is for you! Every property is mountainside.

This is probably the most popular area of all and there are many developments. Some are very close to the pedestrian village (like 5 minutes’ walk) and some are farther, so it’s better to use the free shuttle. The farther out you are, the better the view gets. So, walking distance or view?

  • Érablière

     Condos with direct access. Some have garages

  • Haut bois

Condos in a building, underground garage, pool

  • Chalumeaux

Condos with direct access, no garage

  • Falaises

Condo in a building, no garage

  • Boisées


  • Clairières


  • Plateau

Condo with direct access, no garage, pool

  • Algonquin

Condo in a building, no garage

  • Horizon

Condos in a building, in-ground garage, hot tub, sauna, and gym

  • Équinoxe

Townhomes and condos in a building, garages, pool, hot tub

As you can see, Domaine de la Forest offers many chalets and condos for rent. Some are older like Érabliere and some brand new like Horizon.

Like I mentioned, they are all ski in, ski out. Haut-Bois, Plateau, and Equinoxe each have pools. In my opinion, the best pool is the one at Équinoxe. Infinity edge pool with the most amazing view that Mont-Tremblant has to offer.

You have the choice between renting a condo in a building or a townhome style chalet like Clairiere for example. The main difference is of course the size. Townhomes usually have 3 to 4 levels and can accommodate 8 to 12 guests or more.

Domaine Nansen

This is where the biggest and most luxurious chalets are for rent. Like Domaine de la Forest, all chalets are townhomes. Some more than 3000 square foot.

There are 3 distinctive areas in Domaine Nansen:

  • Nansenhus
  • Panache
  • Havre des Legendes

The above are placed in year of built rank. Nansenhus being the oldest one.

All of Domaine Nansen is ski in, ski out. What is unique about thePanache and Havre des Legendes is that each property has its own private hot tub. There’s nothing more relaxing than coming back to a hot tub at the end of a long day of outdoor activities!

This domain is easily walkable to all shops and restaurants and also offers a free shuttle.

The rentals cost are usually higher than other places but keep in mind that you are renting a one million dollar+ property and I believe you get a lot for the price.

Versant Soleil

The newest mountainside development of Mont-Tremblant.

Home of the casino, Versant Soleil is the most secluded of all. This also means it is a bit quieter. This side of the mountain is not really walkable to the pedestrian village but offers a great alternative: a gondola that runs between Versant Soleil and the pedestrian village.

Etoile Du Matin is the only condo complex for now on that side but will soon have the company of a new hotel.

At first glance, the building will remind you of a rustic alpine lodge. Etoile du Matin is built a few steps away from the ski lift, which probably make it the best ski in, ski out option of Mont-Tremblant. It also features an infinity edge pool and a year-round hot tub.

For nature lovers that want access to all the action but also need the peacefulness that comes with a secluded location.

There you go!

You now have the same knowledge as those who have already visited Mont-Tremblant and are equipped to rent the best luxury condo or chalet that fits your needs.

Many professional agencies at Mont-Tremblant like Tremblant Prestige rent on behalf of owners. There are also owners that rent directly without using agencies. There are obviously pros and cons for both options, but this topic will be covered in another article.

The important thing to remember here is, whether you rent directly in the village or 15 minutes’ away, a 1 bedroom condo or a 3000 sqft chalet, directly from an owner or an agency, the ski slopes, golf courses, restaurants, and activities stay the same for everyone!!

Have fun!